About eeseller

Hi, I’m Nikki and I am eeseller.


eeseller began in 2010, following redundancy. At that time my circumstances allowed for a little change in career and I began playing around with eBay as a way to earn a bit of money. It was just for myself and in the beginning it was just for fun. It wasn’t as easy or as profitable as the books and blogs made out so I set about learning, though trial and error a way that was profitable and worthwhile.

In that first year as I started to become good at researching, sourcing and optimizing, I came across the eBay Trading Assistant Programme. Experienced sellers register with eBay and can then sell for other people. There was no other Irish seller registered at the time and I soon realised how many people didn’t have the time, the patience or the know-how to sell on eBay and many more like me had tried and were failing.

Five years later, I now run eeseller.com, offering businesses the same personal service but on a much larger scale. Today I deal with small, medium and large sized business helping them sell their few products or their few thousand products successfully. Thankfully eBay isn’t the only marketplace and I offer my services across all the Irish marketplaces as well as amazon.

There are very few people offering my services but what really sets me apart from my competitors is that I don’t just get you selling on eBay. Selling online is hugely competitive and sales can be few and far between. I work with you to create a selling strategy that includes targeted, visible, results driven advertising.

I don’t have a magic wand and I can’t make any guarantees but working with me will give you the best chance of succeeding online.

Please get in touch to book a consultation, for a no obligation, free quote, if you need advice or to see how your business could benefit from mine.


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