The fees you pay cover all associated costs and there are no hidden charges* I pay all eBay, PayPal and other fees from my commission.
  • 38% of the selling price of an item which sells for less than €500
  • 30% of the selling price of an item which sells for €501 – €1000
  • €25% of the selling price of an item which sells for more than €1000


There is minimum charge of €8 per item and therefore items  with an expected selling price of less than €30 are not usually accepted but where an item sells for less than €30, the fees charged are 45%

* Certain items will incur additional fees if they must be cleaned or repaired, Full T&C’s in your Seller Agreement, available on request.


All Inclusive Fees

Fees are all inclusive and you pay nothing else for a normal sale, however, there may be additional fees associated with your item(s)

Fees are deducted from the proceeds of the sale of your item(s) and in most cases, you do not pay me anything directly.

I pay all eBay, PayPal and other fees out of my commission. As a guideline every eBay seller must pay a listing fee of €0.25 – €2, then 10% – 12% of the selling price goes to eBay, plus PayPal take 3.4% of the selling price + the postage cost. So before I take anything I must pay between 18% – 25% in fees from the commission you would give me and on average I take only 9% of the selling price.


Your final sale payment is what is owed to you following the successful sale of your item(s):

Sale Price

MINUS additional listing fees (if any)

MINUS storage fees (if any)

MINUS specialist service fees (if any)

MINUS my fees/ commission (as above)


= Your final sale payment



  • Upgrades to a listing e.g. reserve price are charged as per eBay’s fees. See all eBays fees here
  • Storage fees are charged on lots or items taking up space in excess of 2 square feet (1 unit). The charge is €20 per month, per unit with no charge for the first 14 days (calculated from the day I take possession of your items)
  • Specialist services may occasionally incur costs. For example, a picture cannot be shipped in a glass frame and I must have it professionally removed before shipping OR an item may need to be dry cleaned before sale. Receipts for these services will be retained.
  • Cleaning Services. The following charges apply on any item(s) that I need to clean before putting for sale.
    • Clothing/ soft furnishing – per item washed €2, add ironing +€2. Dry Cleaning – rate charged by cleaners +€4.
    • Other/ large items €3 per item