Facebook advertising for your business.

I offer facebook advertising to complement eBay listings OR as a standalone service to promote you, your business or your product.

Facebook advertising in many ways is no different to any other form of advertising. You pay to place an ad.

What is almost totally unique is that facebook advertisers can choose specifically who to target, by:

  • age
  • gender
  • location
  • interests
  • education level
  • relationship status

Interests is the one that is really exciting! Studying, understanding and testing the technicalities and variables of the advertising platform has given me a unique undertstanding of how to get the best results from facebook ads and gives my clients a hige advantage over their competitors.

We can build custom audiences and re-target them. Have you ever noticed that, for example one day you do a google search to research a new coffee machine. Over the coming days as you browse facebook or other websites you will notice that ads for coffee machines seem to pop up? That’s no coincidence, you have been “re-targeted”.



Choose your outcome

Highly Targeted

Very cost effective


Another exciting opportunity of facebook advertising is you can choose the outcome. It’s not just advertising for advertising sake. You can

  • direct people to like your facebook page
  • send them to your website or a specific page on your website
  • offer them a discount voucher
  • get them to sign up for a newsletter or a course
  • invite them to an event
  • invite them to enter a competition
  • invite them to contact you for a free quote

Every business should have a way of keeping track of customers and potential customers and using this information frequently. eeseller can help build this into your selling strategy to make sure you never waste a lead again.