Business/ Commercial

A complete online selling solution for your business

Sell for you

I use my professional, top-rated accounts to sell your items. I can manage the whole process seamlessly from start to finish or in collaboration with you.

Sell with you

Typically this involves setting your business up with it’s own selling accounts on the online marketplaces or your own e-commerce store. The account and sales can then be managed by your business given or you can opt for a fully managed service provided by me.


Full training services are available for all aspects of selling online and improving online sales including price & competitor research and improving SEO & ranking and much more.

Find a buyer

The easiest solution for one-off sales or sales of large quantities of stock. To put it simply – I will find a buyer for what you are selling!

Selling Online

Selling online is an obvious step for most businesses but others just don’t even know where to begin. Many business that I work with have tried themselves but it hasn’t been the success they’d hoped. Others have spent thousands on their own e-commerce store, only to find out that customers will never find them amongst the many thousands of other websites.

That’s where eBay, amazon and the many other online marketplaces have the upper hand. They spend millions advertising and getting people to BUY from them, over and over again.

The truth is that selling in online marketplaces like eBay or amazon takes knowledge, expertise, attention to detail and a solid reputation which takes time to develop. Anyone who has tried selling on eBay will appreciate how time-consuming creating even a basic listing is and the sheer effort involved puts many business off.



Many businesses have distributorship or selling restrictions and cannot be seen to be selling online or in certain marketplaces. Being invisible is not a problem!


eBay the easy way

I’ll find the best solution for your business, whether it’s a once off sale of one item or thousands or a new revenue stream for your business.

All online marketplaces

Different marketplaces work better for different products and businesses. And there are pros and cons to working with each platform or indeed your own online shop. I’ll advise the best option(s) for your business

Stand out from the crowd

Chances are you won’t be the only one selling your particular products and standing out from the crowd can be VERY  difficult. Properly optimizing and  researching products, price, placement and competitors will make all the difference.

Sell Locally, Sell Globally

For most businesses it makes sense to offer your products to the widest audience. If licensing or distributorship agreements limit where you can sell we can work around this.



+ Needs-specific training.
+ D.I.Y or maintenance training.
+ 1 – 1 or small group.


Managed Account Services

+ Account & process set up
+ Price & competitor research
+ Full or partial account management




+ Account set-up
+ Products uploaded & optimized
+ Full Training


Several thousand products or the once off sale of one item, I’ll get it sold